Bent Tree Winery is a family owned winery specializing in Handcrafted Small Batch Wines

Wine Maker John started out making wines for his family and their friends. Since it was family, it was free, but Wine Maker John couldn't keep up with the requests and need to get a little return on his investment. Besides that, the word was getting out and there were more and more "friends" asking about our wines.

In the summer of 2009 Wine Maker John applied for and received his license to manufacture wine from the federal government and then obtained his permits from the state of Ohio to sell his great wines. BTW was born.

Now we are having a great time making some excellent wines, keeping family and friends supplied and adding lots of new friends to our family (without setting Wine Maker John back a small fortune).

There are a couple of questions that keep coming up our wine tastings:
1. What's with the "Bent Tree"?
2. Where did the wine names come from?

Bent Tree
When we were applying for our federal permit, we were trying to come up with a good name for the winery. Each day we crossed the Little Miami River, which is recognized as a National Wild & Scenic River with lots of huge Sycamore trees hanging out over the river.

One day my wife noticed a big Sycamore tree that kind looked artistic and we decided on "Bent Tree" and the shape became our logo.

As we crossed the river a couple of years later, we were sad to see that half of the tree had broken off and was in the river. Boo Hoo. The next year the rest of the tree fell in.

I guess the Bent Tree logo is kind of a memorial to that beautiful old Sycamore.

Wine Names
So where did those names for the wines come from?Some off our earlier names are based on the color or flavor of the wine, but.......

If the name of the wine looks like a person's name, it is. We have started naming our wines after our grandchildren:
Mackenzie              Maddie          Dawson
Meriele                   Finn               Chole
Shay Bella             Cooper          Caroline
Hannah                  Quincy           Johnny

Wine Tastings
Wine Tasting are the 3rd Saturday of the month from 7PM until 9PM at the winery. Come join us! We skip the month of July for vacation.

Corporate and Personalized Labeling:
Bent Tree Winery can provide your organization, private party, wedding or any special occasion with your selected wines with personalized labels.

Contact us well in advance of the event so that we can be sure that the wine will be available when you need it and to process the labels.

"Bottled by Bent Tree Winery
Especially for
John & Melissa's Wedding
August 27, 2011"
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