Finn's Choice         Crisp Dry White                           $16.00

Chloe's Choice                                                           $16.00

Traminette               Dry White Wine                          $16.00

Harvest Moon        Medium Dry White                       $15.00

Sunrise                  Semi-Sweet White                       $15.00

Silver Cloud           Semi-Sweet White                       $15.00

Meriele                   Sweet White                                $12.00

​Sweet Caroline      Sweet White                                $12.00

Old Court               Dry Red - Big Oak                       $18.00

Dawson's Red        Semi-Dry                                     $15.00

Mackenzie Red      Medium Dry Red                         $15.00

Quincy's Quest       Medium Dry Red                         $15.00

Mama Mia              Medium Dry Red                         $15.00

Cooper Red           Semi-Dry Red                              $15.00

Shay Bella             Semi-Sweet Fruity Red                $12.00

Heavenly Hannah  Sweet Fruity Red                         $12.00

Black Magic           Decadent Red                              $18.00

Maddie's Mark       Really Sweet Red                        $14.00

Johnny Bee Good      Mead - Honey Wine                            $23.00
           ABV  13.5%                 375mL
Maddie's Mark is a wonderful after dinner wine that has lots of bold grape flavors.
           ABV  14.0%                 750mL
Mackenzie Red is a medium bodied red wine that is smooth and easy to drink. It's pleasant aroma has a hint of bell peppers.
             ABV  16.5%                 375mL
Black Magic is rich red after dinner wine with stunning aromas and flavors of chocolate and raspberry. Try this once and you'll smile everytime you hear the name.
           ABV  13.0%                 750mL
Dawson's Red is a deep colored rich medium bodied red wine. It has aromas and textures of black pepper, expresso and is slightly oaky.
           ABV  12.5%                 750mL
Mama Mia is a light bodied red wine that is medium dry. It has medium acids and tannins with floral and cinnamon aromas.
           ABV  11.5%                 750mL
A semi-sweet wine is a lovely red rose color. It presents itself in a refreshing blend of blueberry and grape aromas. This is a very pleasing wine with good body.
           ABV  9.0%                 750mL
This is a sweet wine with a rich dark color and flavors of Black Raspberry.
           ABV  12.5%                 750mL
Harvest Moon has a rich golden color with a mild buttery flavor.
           ABV  11.5%                 750mL
Meriele has soft aromas of ripe peaches and apricots. A very pale sweet light bodied wine that is fruity and refreshing.
           ABV  11.0%                 750mL
Silver Cloud is a semi-sweet wine with fruity aromas of apple and pear.
           ABV  11.0%                 750mL
Finn's Choice is a refreshing, classic medium bodied white wine with spicy fruit flavors that are a delight to the palate.
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           ABV  12.5%                 750mL
Old Court is a dry full bodied red wine with lots of oak overtones. There are hints of vanilla, berry and plum with low tannins.
           ABV  13.0%                 750mL
Cooper Red is a light bodied red medium dry red wine. It is complex with fruity as well as spicy characteristics and a velvety finish.
           ABV  13.5%                 750mL
Sunrise is a beautiful pale gold color, smooth, light semi-sweet white wine with low acids. Lots of citrus flavors and aromas including peach and melon.
           ABV  13.0%                 750mL
Chloe's Choice Light refreshing dry wine with the tartness of green apple and undertones of peach and citrus..
           ABV  12.5%                 750mL
Sweet Caroline crystal clear color with a fruit flavor of white cranberries.

           ABV 13.0%                  750mL
Traminette is an Ohio Valley Appellation wine. It is really refreshing with fragrant aromas of jasmine and orange blossom..
           ABV 12.5%                  750mL
Quincy's Quest is a Merlot made from Chilean juice. It has a lightness that is very refreshing with hints of vanilla and berry and has a peppery finish
Johnny Bee Good (Get it? The "Bee" thing?) is made from Southwest Ohio honey. Ingredients are simple; honey, water & yeast. It has unique earthy tones and reminds you of the flavors from the old fashion honey comb.